Facebook is testing a new photo syncing tool for iOS. The feature, which arrived for Android users earlier this year, is currently in the testing phase, according to TechCrunch.

Photo Sync will automatically move photos in your camera roll to Facebook. Best of all, this action is done in the background of iOS. Better still, the photos remain private unless the user chooses shots to share.

According to the report, Facebook has been hesitant to bring this functionality to iOS for two reasons.

For one, there was the question of privacy.

Facebook had to make sure it had the messaging perfect so users wouldn’t panic, wrongly thinking their grandma just saw their private, booze-soaked, scantly-clad pre-party photos.

The second reason has to do with Apple’s “rigidly controlled iOS,” which proved “not so simple” to get around. To achieve this, Facebook has decided not to rely on location APIs or their deep integration with iOS 6. Instead, they took the background route.

There is no timeframe on when Facebook will put this feature on their iOS app. Additionally, we haven’t heard whether this functionality would also extend to the company’s popular Instagram app. But when, and if they do, watch out. At last count, Facebook users already manually upload 300 million images per day. In other words, Photo Sync could be huge.

Source: TechCrunch