Developer App Cubby, most well known for its popular Launch Center Pro app, has just unveiled a major update to its Timer app.

Not surprisingly (if the name didn’t tip you off) the app is a very gorgeous way to quickly and easily set a timer for pretty much any task imaginable.

Version 2.0 of Timer is highlighted by the addition of nine new themes to choose from. And along with an updated UI, there are also a host of new sounds to pick from.

And to help keep track of up to 15 fully customizable reminders, the update also adds glyphs to use a labels for each timer.

Timer is made for the iPhone/iPod touch, but is compatible with the iPad. It is also optimized for the larger display of the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. Users must have iOS 6.0 or above installed. It originally hit the App Store earlier this year.

It can be downloaded in the App Store for free now. There are also numerous in-app purchase opportunities to add themes and other goodies to the timer. But I’m glad to see that App Cubby is keeping the app free.

While I really like Launch Cemter Pro, this is my first experience with Timer, and I have really enjoyed the updated version. I’m looking forward to getting to try it out in my day-to-day life.