You can now have your photos automatically uploaded to Facebook, thanks to the new Photo Syncing feature on the official iOS app of the hugely popular social network.

Well, you can now do so only if you happen to be one of a handful of users to whom the feature has been enabled. In the likely event that you’re not, rest assured that the feature is gradually being rolled out to all users of the Facebook iOS app.

As first reported and explained by TechCrunch, to enable Facebook Photo Syncing on your iDevice:

… you go to the Photos app in the Facebook For iOS app’s sidebar navigation or the photos section of your Timeline and scroll to the bottom. There you may find an option to check out Photo Sync and then enable it, as seen in this photo sent in by tipster YoloFahad (an Instagrammer-extraordinaire).

Facebook Photo Sync

Once enabled, Photo Syncing will automatically perform background uploading of every photo you take with your iDevice.

Now, as with most matters relating to Facebook, you might be thinking, “What about my privacy?”

Don’t worry, your photos are uploaded to a private album, which, of course, only you can see.

From this private album, which can hold up to 2 GB of images, you can choose which photos you want to share on your timeline or send in a private message.

Are you one of the select users who already have access to Photo Syncing? Are you looking forward to taking advantage of this easier way of uploading and sharing photos on Facebook?

Source: Facebook Help Center
Via: TechCrunch