Facebook for iOS, the official iPhone and iPad client of the hugely popular social network, has just been updated with even more “shareability.”

The latest update to Facebook for iOS, which was pushed to the app just a few hours ago, delivers several enhancements.

Most notable among these is no doubt the somewhat long-overdue Share button integration.

Considered as Facebook’s own version of Twitter‘s well-known retweet function, the Share button has long been available on the site’s full and mobile versions. Now, it has finally been implemented in the site’s iOS client.

In the new version of Facebook for iOS, the Share button appears alongside the Like and Comment buttons below a post.

Naturally, you can click on the new button to re-share a post from your friends on your News Feed. You can even add a bit of commentary and tag your friends before sharing a post.


Apart from the addition of the Share button on your News Feed, the ability to sort your feed is included in the new version of the Facebook app. Just tap the gear icon next to the News Feed tab in the left sidebar to either “Show Top Stories” or “Show Most Recent.”

The new version of the app also includes support for smileys, hearts, and other emoji in messages. This is a follow-up improvement on the app’s previous update, which brought most of the chat capabilities of Facebook Messenger to the main Facebook app.

The newly updated Facebook for iOS is available now in the App Store for free.

Will you now be doing a lot of re-sharing on your iPhone or iPad?