Back at the end of last month, we told you about the Google Search app’s impressive Google Voice Search feature, which appears in many ways to perform better than Siri itself. If you’re a fan of Google Voice Search, consider downloading a new jailbreak tweak called “NowNow,” which allows jailbreakers to activate Google’s virtual assistant from anywhere in the iOS.

Simply download and install NowNow, which is available for free in the Cydia Store (via the BigBoss repository), and you’ll be able to apply an Activator action to the jailbreak tweak. From this point on, performing this action on your iPhone will activate Google Voice Search (within the Google Search app) from anywhere in the iOS. The application will launch quickly, almost as quickly as Siri itself launches when users hold down the Home button.

For obvious reasons, users will need to have the free Google Search app installed on their iPhone in order to use NowNow.

If you’re a fan of Google Voice Search, consider downloading NowNow now from within the Cydia Store. As mentioned, it’s currently available for free, via the BigBoss repository. For more information on the jailbreak tweak, check out our video walkthrough, which we’ve embedded below.

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.