If you ask me, I think Instagram‘s UI is all right. That is to say, it’s satisfactory, but it’s not especially good. Instagram is not in serious need of a major UI refresh, to be sure, but as an Instagrammer, I surely won’t say no to one that is decidedly for the app’s improvement — just like the concept video sent to us by one Stephen Levinson.

A New York-based “UI UX designer, product guy, and entrepreneur,” Levinson has just put up a video showcasing his redesign of the hugely popular photo sharing app. Check it out:

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Apparently, Levinson envisions Instagram as a more gesture-based app. As shown in the video, his redesign appears to result in a more fluid, gesture-driven navigation scheme.

Also noticeable in Levinson’s re-imagining is the removal or relocation of some of Instagram’s arguably extraneous parts. Gone is the inessential top bar, thank you very much, while the app’s main tabs, except the central photo capture tab, are relegated to a hidden tray.

All in all, I see myself warming up like a Toaster-filtered photo to Levinson’s concept in an instant, should the development team behind Instagram decide to adopt it. Do you?