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CES 2013: ScreenGuardz Pure Protectors Use Glass To Keep Your iPhone’s Screen Safe

Screen protectors for iOS devices are always big business, and BodyGuardz is showcasing one of its unique solutions at CES 2013 - the ScreenGuardz Pure. Our own Dom Esposito swung by the BodyGuardz booth in Las Vegas, and has a hands-on look at the tough screen protector. Click here if you can’t see the video. The protector is made from chemically-tempered glass and feels exactly like an unprotected iPhone screen. Along with being smudge resistant, the protector is resistant to shock, heat, and chemicals. A special adhesive on the protector makes installation easy. And since the protector is made of anti-shatter glass, the risk of injury is minimal if the ScreenGuardz Pure ever breaks. The ScreenGuardz Pure is available for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Both versions cost $39.95 and can be purchased directly through BodyGuardz. While that may set you back a little more than plastic protectors, I’ve used other glass screen protectors for my iPhone 5 and have been very pleased with the look and feel of the material. BodyGuardz also offers a very nice and free Advantage Program. For just $12.95, you can order a replacement ScreenGuardz Pure protector. All you need to do is send back the old protector after receiving the replacement set.
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