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If The iPad's A PC, Apple Remains Leader Of PC Market

Hot on the heels of a recent report about Apple's impressively high mobile phone profits in 2012, here comes a new report about Apple's outstanding performance last year in another tech market. The PC market, that is. According to a new report by research firm Canalys, Apple remained as the PC market leader for the fourth quarter of 2012. During the quarter, the Cupertino-based company managed to take hold of 20 percent of the market by selling a total of 27 million units. As noted by MacRumors, that total is composed 4 million Macs and 23 million iPads. Yes, Apple's best-selling tablet is counted by Canalys as part of the PC market, which reached 134 million worldwide PC shipments for the quarter in question. If you do the math, and if you do consider the iPad as a PC, you'll arrive at pretty much the same realization pointed out by Canalys in its report: one in six PCs shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012 was an iPad. Canalys estimates that the iPad mini, which was released within the quarter, made up over half of Apple's total tablet shipments. "Apple timed the launch of the iPad mini well," said Canalys research analyst Pin-Chen Tang. "Its success proves there is a clear demand for pads with smaller screens at a more affordable price. Without the launch, Apple would surely have lost more ground to its competitors." Behind Apple, HP and Lenovo, both of which took an 11 percent market share, was in second and third place, respectively. Samsung gained a 9 percent share, putting it in fourth place ahead of Dell. Source: Canalys Via: MacRumors
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