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Now 80 Percent Complete, iOS 6.x Jailbreak Evasi0n Looks Set For Sunday Release

A couple of days ago, we reported that the upcoming iOS 6.x jailbreak called evasi0n is apparently set for release tomorrow, which happens to be Super Bowl Sunday. Now, it appears that evasi0n is indeed moving along its expected release route. As noted by iDownloadBlog, the status bar in the official evasi0n website is now indicating 80 percent completion. Additionally, the website states that "Private beta testing has started for OS X, Windows and Linux." Just hours ago, the status was at 75 percent, with development of evasion's Linux version still ongoing. Now, that version, along with the jailbreak's versions for OS X and Windows, has entered private beta testing. After private beta testing, the next step, as indicated on the website, is extended beta testing. Assuming that extended beta testing and other finishing touches won't take long, evasi0n may just emerge during Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3. The jailbreak's Feb. 3 release is supposedly hinted at by the Calendar app icons on the iDevices displayed on the evasi0n website, all of which show "3." A member of evad3rs, the jailbreaking team behind evasi0n, also seemed to have teased the possible release date for evasi0n on Twitter. Add the fact that a lot of past major jailbreaks were released on a Sunday, and you have a formula for Funday this Sunday. That is, if you're one of the many iDevice owners who have been looking forward to an untethered iOS 6.x jailbreak. Watch out for a video walk-through of the jailbreak process to be posted here on AppAdvice shortly after the release of evasi0n, be it this Sunday or any day thereafter. Source: evasi0n Via: iDownloadBlog
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