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This Incredible Fake iWatch Ad Is A Holographic Dream Come True

This month saw the revival of rumors concerning Apple's fabled iWatch. First, The New York Times came out with a report claiming that Apple is experimenting with designs for a wristwatch-like product. The Wall Street Journal soon followed suit. Later, Bloomberg chimed in, saying that Apple already has a team working on the device. Then, last week, the discovery of a certain patent application strongly hinted at the device. And now, we have this amazing ad for Apple's long-rumored iWatch. An amazing fake ad, that is. Made by YouTube user FinalCutKing, the so-called ad, whose video is embedded below, shows an iWatch concept that looks straight out of "Minority Report." In the video, the lovely Courtney wakes up to the holographic alarm of her iWatch on her bedside. She then starts doing all sorts of impressive holographic stuff with it, like checking her calendar, transferring files, and editing photos. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Later, she consults a map with it as she sets out for a jog. She then answers a call from her friend Zach using the device. And when she returns home, she even unlocks her door with it. Far-fetched? FinalCutKing and his team seem to think so too, as the ad indicates that the iWatch, or this version of it at least, is coming in 2019. What do you think? Would you get an iWatch if it turned out to be half as incredible as this? Via: Mashable
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