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The Monkey Kit Brings A Flexible Twist To The Usually Boring iPad Stand

While an iPad user in need of a stand can choose from literally hundreds of options, the Monkey Kit offers something a little different. After being shown off at CES 2013 earlier this year in Las Vegas, Octa’s flexible tablet stand is now available to order through Bite My Apple, a marketplace for successful Kickstarter projects. Highlighted by the strong, flexible “tail” that can be twisted and curled on almost anything, the stand can be positioned pretty much anywhere you can imagine including a bed, office, gym, or car. Taking cues from vacuum suction handles, the technology construction workers use to lift heavy pieces of plate glass, the kit’s suction cup features chambers and seals. That allows the air to be pumped out between the cup and the tablet for a strong and durable connection. As a nice touch, as long as you have an iPad with a non-porous case, the kit will still easily attach. And with a two-piece design, the stand can also easily be packed for travel. Simply detach the suction cup from the stand, and the Monkey Kit is ready to go. You can snag the Monkey Kit now for $99.99 through the site.