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CES 2013: Give Your iPad A Tail With Octa’s Monkey Kit

CES 2013: Give Your iPad A Tail With Octa’s Monkey Kit

January 14, 2013
Some iPad stands can be so limited. With most stands, there’s one way to set it up and only a handful of viewing angles. The Octa Monkey Kit reimagines the iPad stand and gives you an endless amount of angles and uses. The Monkey Kit adds a tail to the back of your iPad using a vacuum dock that can hold up to 60 pounds of pressure. With Octa’s latest creation, there’s no need for boring iPad stands. Just wrap or coil the Monkey Tail into a position that works best for you and you’ve got the perfect iPad stand. Currently, the Monkey Kit is available for preorder from Octa’s website for only $80. Once the product is released that price will jump up to $100. So if you’re interested in the Monkey Kit, act now and save $20 off the release price. Overall, I think this is an excellent stand and will definitely keep you thinking of new ways to use it. Don't have an iPad? Don't worry, the Monkey Kit is compatible with most other tablets. Last week, we caught up with Octa at CES 2013 to find out all the details on the Monkey Kit.

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