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Super Bunny Land Will Jump Into The App Store Next Month

Taking an enormously large dose of inspiration from a certain Nintendo game, Super Bunny Land will hit the App Store next month and combine a platformer and endless runner while adding  a dose of cute bunnies. Here’s a quick gameplay trailer from the title. Click here if you can’t see the video. As you can see, the title takes the best parts from Super Mario Bros. and throws in some endless runner action. As a unique twist, players of Super Bunny Land can control their own speed in the game. Pressing the right side of the screen makes the bunny jump while the left is for braking. Players must be able to master both at the same time. Along with 75 missions to complete, there are five power ups scattered throughout the game. Online, cross platform leaderboards will be provided by Scoreloop. And if you’re looking for a different challenge, the game will also feature some extra, non-endless levels to play. They will be free to download but cost in-game coins. Super Bunny Land will hit the App Store in a little less than two weeks - on Tuesday, May 7. It will be a universal title for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad/iPad mini and cost $0.99. Developer HEI Games also recently released Ghost Puzzle in the App Store. Take a look at our original review of that app.
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