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Developer Hacks Google Glass To Show All iOS Notifications

Finally, an interesting Google Glass hack that makes me excited about the wearable technology. According to 9to5Mac, developer Adam Bell has made it possible to route all iOS notifications directly to Google Glass. Here’s a video that shows how the process works. Click here if you can’t see the video. Currently, the functionality is only possible on jailbroken devices because of some necessary tweaking to the iOS core. Bell told 9to5Mac that he will upload the tweak to GitHub in the next few days and will eventually release a full program on Cydia. While Google Glass is currently available to use with an iPhone, the functionality is limited. Google has promised that iPhone users will soon be able to access two of the more interesting features of the gadget – turn-by-turn navigation and text messaging. Android users are able to access the complete functionality of the device with the MyGlass app. The wearable technology is currently only used by a small number of handpicked users for a whopping $1,500 price tag. Google is on track to release Glass to the public sometime next year at a lower price point. Even though I’m still more enthusiastic about the rumored iWatch from Apple, hopefully Google will officially open up Glass for this same type of functionality for iOS devices.
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