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The Life Of The Pool Party: Samsung Mocks Apple's iPhone In New Galaxy S4 Ad

While Apple's latest iPhone 5 TV ad quietly tugs at people's heartstrings, Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 TV ad decidedly pokes fun at the iPhone itself. In a new commercial first spotted by CNET, Samsung (specifically its American arm) highlights some of the more interesting features of its flagship phone. At the same time, it tries to put Apple's own flagship phone as the laughingstock of the party. Or the graduation pool party, to be exact, where the ad is set. In the ad, the so-called GS4 is used to take a picture of the grilled ribs being served at the party. Apparently, it does such a great job at capturing the ribs that one could almost smell them from their photo. That is, if one happens to be doing the smelling right by the barbecue, which is supposedly something only old people would do. Indeed, what Samsung seems to be suggesting in the ad, which smacks of ageism, is that the iPhone is for old people. It is, in essence, old. It has fallen into obsolescence. It now pales in comparison to the GS4, whose cool features are being used and shown off by the cool kids in and around the pool. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Fingers too busy holding those delicious ribs to answer a call? Can't tap to read a text because your hand's still moist from applying sunblock? Just swipe or hover over the device and let the GS4's Air View technology do its thing. There's also the GS4's built-for-bellyflops Drama Shot feature. There's the device's TV remote control capability as well. And then there's S Beam, which quickly transfers data between the GS4 and another supported (read: non-iPhone) device while touching back to back. "No, yours doesn't do that," one of the young folks points out to one of the iPhone-toting old folks, whose gray-haired companion later thinks aloud: "So, some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones." "Exactly," comes the answer from the GS4 generation. "What are we doing with these phones?" wonders the poor gray-haired guy, as though he were suddenly struck by the onset of senility. Now if this dear sir and his contemporaries would only learn that they're among the 39 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. that have iPhones, as opposed to the 21.7 percent that have Samsung smartphones … perhaps they'd realize that they're already in possession of probably the smartest smartphone there is.
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