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Apple Finally Adds Zoom To Video Recording In The iOS 7 Camera App

While Apple gave precious keynote time to some of iOS 7's most impressive features, a number of more minor alterations are being discovered as developers get to know the recently released iOS 7 beta 1. One such new addition to Apple's mobile operating system is the ability to zoom in and out while recording video from within the built-in Camera app. First spotted by iDownloadBlog, the new feature works exactly as you'd expect. "Upon hitting the big red red button to start recording, simply use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out during video capture. You can also tap-to-focus on your closeups as you record the video," the website explains. Once the required footage has been recorded, users can then pinch to zoom back out. Besides updating the Camera app, Apple has also made a large number of changes to the iOS Photos app, all of which are discussed in our recent hands-on video. [caption id="attachment_429331" align="aligncenter" width="208"] The iOS 7 Photos app.[/caption] If you're struggling to formulate an opinion on iOS 7's radical redesign, this "evolution of the iOS Home screens" comparison image could help put the changes into perspective. For further iOS 7 related articles, be sure to see: Apple's Official Weather App In iOS 7 Should Really Be Called Yahoo Weather LiteApple's iOS 7 Compatibility: Supported Devices And Features, and Keep Your Handset Close: Lock Screen Security Issue Discovered In iOS 7 Beta.
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