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NetNewsWire Beta Is Now Available For Mac, Just Days Before Google Reader Goes Offline

NetNewsWire is out with a new beta just days before Google shuts down its Reader service. Originally released in 2002, NetNewsWire was considered one of the best newsreaders of its generation before it was shutdown. The new version of NetNewsWire is available for free for Mac, and an iOS version is coming soon. We’ll be taking a look at the beta in the coming days. In the meantime, you can download the beta right here. In March, Google announced plans to shut down its popular Reader service on June 30. Since then, numerous companies have come forward to fill the void including FeedlyRockmelt, and AOL. In the coming days, we’ll be offering a revised list of Google Reader alternatives. Until then, be sure to check out our previous reports: Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live These Alternatives, and Extra! Extra! RSS Apps For Your iPad Google Can’t Kill. Via: TNW
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