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Um, Apple? You Forgot About The Voice Memos App In iOS 7

More minor changes that people are noticing in iOS 7 are being reported to us. This time, one of Apple's native apps is not showing up in this iteration: Voice Memos. I don't know about you, but as a writer — particularly one who gets a lot of ideas when all I have is my iPhone — Voice Memos was an often used app. I imagine a lot of musicians used it too. Back when iOS 4.2 came out, Apple made a drastic Voice Memos icon change. Surprisingly enough, most everyone hated it. Looking back, it's almost as if that was an initial step toward the new icon redesigns we're seeing in iOS 7. Plus, don't we have enough blue icons already? We still have that problem, obviously. I guess that's just the Home screen snob in me. Now, this is only the first iteration of iOS 7, in beta form. I repeat: This is beta. Some people tend to forget that. So, chances are, Apple will add it in the next beta versions and it will be there once iOS 7 goes public this fall. But I am assuming the icon won't be much different. However, I think they can only have so many blue app icons with the fade effect. Apple seems to be unsure which way the fade should go on the App Store and Mail icons in particular — whatever will they do about Voice Memos? Maybe a brand new Voice Memos icon redesign is why it's not present yet.
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