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Nokia Actually Figures Out How To Create A Great iPhone Bashing Commercial

I’ve got to hand it to Nokia. After recently introducing the idiotic commercial that paints iPhone users as zombies, the Finnish handset maker is back with a very effective message. This time, Nokia does a nice job of showing how its Lumia 925 apparently takes better photos than the iPhone 5. Here’s the complete advertisement. Click here if you can’t see the video: Even though the ad is a parody of Apple’s recent “Photos Every Day” spot, the results are hard to argue with. At least in the commercial, the pictures taken by the Lumia 925 do seem to look better than the iPhone 5. I’d also be interested to see a photo comparison between the new Lumia 1020, which sports a 41-megapixel camera, and the iPhone 5. But don’t expect Apple to just stand still. The next-generation iPhone, rumored to be released sometime next month, will apparently sport a dual LED flash and other photography-based improvements. Maybe Samsung is taking notes and will actually produce an effective TV spot for once. Anything has got to better than this utterly confusing ad from Iceland – complete with dancing ninjas and goats.
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