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The Small Change In iOS 7 Beta 5 That Makes Perfect Sense

There is much to love about the fifth iOS 7 beta, including the color-coded start screen, and new icons in the Settings app. The iOS 7 beta 5 also comes with a small tweak that makes deleting emails better. Deleting multiple emails in the Mail app was once performed by tapping the Edit button at the top right of the screen, followed by checking them off. From there, you had to tap the Delete button at the bottom left. [caption id="attachment_449550" align="aligncenter" width="640"]iOS 6 iOS 6[/caption] Apple moved the Delete button in iOS 7 beta 5. Now called Trash, this button is now located at the bottom right of the screen. The Mark button has taken its place on the left side. [caption id="attachment_449545" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Mail app in iOS 7 beta 5 Mail app in iOS 7 beta 5[/caption] At first, I found the change disruptive. Now, it makes a lot of sense. The last task you perform before hitting the Trash button is always to check off an email. This means that you must now move your finger from left to right, as opposed to simply moving down. This helps guard against deleting emails you really wanted to keep. Apple could certainly rearrange the Mail buttons yet again before the final release of iOS 7. I hope they do not. For more on iOS 7 beta 5, see: 5 More Changes Spotted In iOS 7 Beta 5, and Here Are The iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Notes
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