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5 More Changes Spotted In iOS 7 Beta 5

5 More Changes Spotted In iOS 7 Beta 5

August 6, 2013
While we’ve previously told you about some colorful changes in iOS 7 beta 5, which was released to developers a little earlier today, here are five other small tweaks that have been spotted in the new version.

Control Center

As you can see, users now have the option to turn off access to Control Center while using apps. That option prevents accidentally activating the feature while playing a frantic swiping game (like Fruit Ninja) or other app.

Power Off Button

Apple is continuing to make slight changes to the sliders and buttons. The Power Off slider is featuring a new design, complete with squared-off edges.

A New Look for the Twitter Icon

The Twitter button also has a new look in the most recent beta version. Instead of a white bird on a blue background, the colors have now been switched to feature a blue bird on a white background.

In-Call Buttons

In a much welcomed change, the icons displayed while on a call have been made somewhat bigger and now feature circles around them to match the look of the keypad.

See You Later, Rotating Panoramic Wallpapers

Finally, Apple has yanked an interesting feature - rotating panoramic wallpapers. Making its first appearance in the original iOS 7 beta, the wallpaper moved a full 240 degrees as users rotated their iOS device. Hopefully, the feature will reappear in a future version. Users can still select a panorama shot as a wallpaper, it just won't interact with the gyroscope. We’ll keep you informed on any other changes found in iOS 7 beta 5.

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Fruit Ninja
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