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Quirky iOS 7 Glitch Causes Apps To Do The Wiggle

Just a day after we reported on the second iOS 7 bug, here comes the next one. But unlike the first two iOS 7 bugs that we told you about, this new one, fortunately, doesn't fall under the category of security flaws. If nothing else, it falls under the category of quirky glitches. The quirky glitch in question is demonstrated in the video below, posted by Vimeo user Dan Weeks. The iOS 7 bug causes apps to exit, wiggle, and relaunch when the screen is swiped repeatedly after the app is launched. I haven't been able to replicate the bug exactly as shown in the video. But I have encountered a similar effect: after swiping the screen repeatedly upon launching an app, the screen reverts to the home screen in wiggle mode and then the app is shown in its fully launched form. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. As noted by iMore, the bug appears to affect only apps that have been designed specifically for iOS 7. Apple's stock apps and third-party apps that haven't been updated for iOS 7 are apparently immune to the bug. As mentioned, this is a rather benign iOS 7 bug, as opposed to the two iOS 7 security bugs that have been discovered since the launch of the new operating system last Wednesday. The first iOS security bug allows an intruder to access a passcode-protected iDevice's Photos app and subsequently hijack email and social networking accounts. The second one, on the other hand, allows anyone to make unauthorized calls on a locked iPhone by using the Emergency Call layer of the device's passcode protection feature.
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