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No Touch ID On New iPads: Is Apple Having Issues With The Fingerprint Sensor?

In a somewhat surprising move, neither the new iPad Air or second-generation iPad mini are sporting the Touch ID capability found in the new iPhone 5s. Even though both new tablets feature the same A7 chip, Apple seems to be content with leaving the biometric capability to the handset, for now. While it would have been a major surprise for the mini to receive the feature, many expected at least the full-sized tablet to offer Touch ID. And there were even a few leaks supporting that theory. But that will have to wait for at least another year. And I suspect there's a simple reason. The rumored low yield rates for the Touch ID sensor have been blamed as a major reason for the ongoing iPhone 5s shortages. So I think Apple didn't want to cause any more issues by adding the capability to the new iPads. Even though the company has sold an enormous amount of tablets, the iPhone business is even more profitable and important. Will the lack of Touch ID support on either iPad sway your purchasing decision?
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