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Google Can Celebrate Android's Rising Market Share While Apple Makes The Money

During the third quarter, Google’s Android accounted for 81 percent of all smartphone shipments. This is the first time Android topped 80 percent. Apple’s iOS, meanwhile dropped to 12.9 percent, according to IDC. In total, Android-based smartphones accounted for 211.6 million shipments between July and September. By contrast, there were 33.8 million iPhone shipments during the same period. On the surface, these numbers might be construed as disastrous for Apple. This isn’t the case. The September quarter was never going to be Apple’s strongest of the year, and yet they still set a record. In 2012, the company sold 26.9 million iPhones. A year later, that number increased to 33.8 million. Even with the increase, iPhone shipments were stymied because most rightly assumed the company would be releasing a new iPhone in the fall. These potential buyers held off on making new purchases until then. As proof, consider that Apple sold a record 9 million iPhones during the first 36 hours of release for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Finally, take a look at this chart:
As you can see, the iPhone remains a premium device, as opposed to Android-based devices that come at different price points. In other words, Apple makes a lot more money on each sale compared to other vendors. Android users will no doubt rejoice over the headline of the IDC report. However, once you take into account the story behind the numbers, the news looks much less like a celebration. The holiday quarter, meanwhile, is looming which should see a significant rise in Apple's market share, at the expense of Android. So, who won the quarter, again? See also: Apple's iPhone 5s Shipping Estimates Are Improving In Numerous CountriesTarget Previews Impressive Apple Deals In Black Friday Ad, and Bloomberg Claims Two New Curved iPhones Could Launch Next Year.
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