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Comfortably Rest Your iPad, iPhone Or iPod Touch On Bamboosa's Eco-Friendly Lap Log

In the realm of iDevice stands, it can be difficult to locate one that's minimalistic, yet functional. Indeed, Apple has done a good job with their "Smart" products, and we've seen other notably elegant offerings. However, after trying Bamboosa's Lap Log, I was even more impressed with something so basic. When I first saw the Lap Log, two things interested me. One was because it's an eco-friendly product made domestically, right here in the United States. The second being that it's a pillow. Sure, Toddy has similar concept going for their Wedges, though only for iPhone and iPod touch. Admittedly, the simple pillow design was also the aspect causing skepticism regarding the marketing claims about being "stable on all surfaces" and "almost limitless viewing angles." I imagined an iPad just tumbling over, leaning to the side, etc. Thankfully, and surprisingly, the product stood up to every promise. No matter where you plopped the soft-skinned supporter, it always stayed in place, even at a completely perpendicular angle to the surface, which I was certain would send the iDevice toppling forward, but no such thing happened. If that weren't great enough, the wooden insert is easily detached, transforming the stand into a typical pillow, now able to offer support for your head while traveling. Why should the iDevice get all of the pampering? Additionally, once the insert has been removed, you gain access to the zipper, which allows increasing or decreasing the amount of buckwheat shells to adjust pliability to your preference and needs as well as remove them completely to allow cleaning of the fabric. The Lap Log is available directly from Bamboosa in eight solid colors for $39.00 (pictured here in Tomato Red) or 14 prints for $44.00 with an optional extra deep insert for thicker devices or those protected by bulkier cases. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]
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