LG has landed an exclusive deal with Apple to produce the upcoming “iWatch.” G4Games cites ddaily.co.kr as the source of this information. Interestingly enough, the Korean site promptly pulled the report soon after it was posted.

The source notes that the iWatch will measure 1.52-inches and use the same flexible display technology used by LG on its G Flex smartphone. This suggests Apple’s wearable device will have a curved design.

G Flex

LG G Flex

LG is expected to begin production on the iWatch during the third quarter of this year (July through September), with an initial product run of 2 million units.

In October, The Korea Herald said that Apple was nearing a deal for LG to provide a portion of flexible OLED screens for the iWatch.

According to that report, Apple was looking for multiple screen providers for the rumored wristwatch. Cupertino was said to have also been interested in signing a deal with RiTDisplay.

We’ll continue to follow this story.

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Photo: iWatch concept, Yanko Design