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LG's Own FuelBand-Inspired Lifeband Touch Makes An Appearance Online

LG's Own FuelBand-Inspired Lifeband Touch Makes An Appearance Online

January 6, 2014

LG is hoping to make another attempt at taking a bite out of the wearables market, and has unveiled a brand new activity monitor called “Lifeband Touch” at its Korean-language website. The tracker features an OLED display, it doubles as a watch, and it can even deliver iOS notifications at the wrist, all while also monitoring its user’s daily activity.

More like Fitbit’s Force than its Flex, in terms of appearance LG’s Lifeband Touch appears to have taken a dose of inspiration from the Nike FuelBand. Its plastic, chunky exterior combined with the display creates this effect. In terms of features, The Verge explains that Lifeband Touch will be compatible with both iOS and Android using a forthcoming LG fitness app, and the activity monitor also supports Bluetooth low energy (LE).

Plus, users can pair the wristband up with “heart rate earphones,” the publication adds, in order for the activity tracker to monitor its user’s heartrate. As you’d expect, steps taken, calories burned, and goals are also displayed on the device; it’s water resistant (but not water proof), and Lifeband Touch even allows users to control music playing on an iPhone handset.

No release date or pricing is available, and it’s worth noting that LG’s Lifeband Touch has suffered a false start in the past, too (it made an appearance at CES 2013, but was never released). From what we understand, an official announcement is coming from LG at CES this year; we’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

LG’s Lifeband Touch isn’t the only wearable product set to feature at CES 2014, and already news concerning Pebble’s anticipated announcement has surfaced online ahead of schedule. This year, Apple is expected to launch an “iWatch” that takes the best aspects of established smart watches and fitness trackers, and combines them in one single product. It could be that LG, Fitbit, Pebble, et al. are about to face some serious competition from the iPhone-maker.

How do you like the look of LG’s Lifeband Touch?

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