Adobe is launching a lot of new software products today, including two new apps for iOS users. They are also introducing two new hardware tools called Ink and Slide.

Launching at $200 for the pair, the aluminum-clad digital drawing tools work with the iPad. These, in turn, work with two new apps called Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line.

Adobe Line

Adobe Line

We hope to offer a review of the Ink and Slide very soon. Until then, we thought you’d find Yahoo’s David Pogue’s take on the new products fun to watch.

Want the short version? Pogue says:

Unfortunately, the tools (Ink and Slide) seem too expensive, and the apps (Sketch and Line) are incomplete.

And yet, here’s the thing: When you see them for the first time, it feels wrong to ask, “Who are they for?” or “When would you use them?” or “What exactly do they do?”

Take a look:

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