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More App-Focused Ads Coming To Twitter As New Program Goes Global

Twitter is stepping up its advertising efforts by kicking off a global rollout of mobile app promotion ads. The move comes as the social network's MoPub ad network now reaches more than 1 billion iOS and Android users every month. Mobile app promotion ads, which arrived in beta earlier this year, take users to app downloads directly from their stream, or to the apps themselves if they’re already installed, via a deep link. The promotion uses Twitter’s existing targeting capabilities, including: interest, keyword, TV targeting, and tailored audiences to help one reach their desired audience. Also on Monday, Twitter announced a new pricing and prediction structure for mobile app promotion. Now, advertisers are only charged when a user clicks to go to the App Store or Google Play from an ad, or when they open the app directly from Twitter. For the time being, mobile app promotion ads are only available through iOS and Android. Ads will not be served on Windows Phone or BlackBerry. See also: Apple's New TV Ad Shows How The iPhone Makes Parents More 'Powerful,' Twitter Updates Its Official iOS App With Support For Animated GIFs, and Yo Dawg, Twitter Heard You Like Tweets So It Put An Embedded Tweet In Your Tweet. Via: TechCrunch
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