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Apple adding iTunes Extras for HD movies across multiple platforms, including iOS 8

On Thursday, Apple pushed out iTunes 11.3 for Mac. The update adds iTunes Extras for HD movies. This is the same feature already available on Apple TV. Better still, iTunes Extras for HD movies is set to arrive on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad later this year with iOS 8. The iTunes Extras feature includes bonus content also found on DVDs and Blu-ray disks. These can include deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes content, and director’s commentaries. This feature was already available on the Mac. However, the iTunes 11.3 update adds the ability to stream that content. Previously, the video files had to be downloaded to your computer to view. Finally, if you’ve previously purchased HD movies though iTunes, you’ll get access to the extra goodies as they become available. To download the new version of iTunes, go into the application, and select iTunes > Check for Updates. See also: On-Demand Streaming Audio Climbs 50.1 Percent As Digital Sales DiveRoku's Lead Over The Apple TV Grows, But This Could Be Temporary, and The Vimeo Channel On Apple TV Gets A Facelift And New Discovery Tools.
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