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The Vimeo Channel On Apple TV Gets A Facelift And New Discovery Tools

The Vimeo Channel On Apple TV Gets A Facelift And New Discovery Tools

July 9, 2014
The Vimeo channel on the Apple TV has received a significant update. Among the new goodies are a simplified menu, Vimeo On Demand, and more. The changes come just hours after Vimeo released a new update for its Cameo video creation app. According to Nick Alt, the vice president of mobile and TV at Vimeo, the Apple TV channel update seeks to “provide our viewers with a seamless living room experience.” He adds, “with this latest AppleTV (sic) update we're making content even more discoverable.” New features include:
  • Featured Home page that highlights four user channels or albums, along with 20 curated channels.
  • New Video Detail pages including background images, additional clip metadata such as audience ratings, reviews, extra features, and more content from creators.
  • VOD Trailers for new feature films and series are available for preview the app.
The revised Vimeo channel is available now on the Apple TV. Cameo is a free download available on the App Store. See also: Vimeo Update Brings Lightweight Design, Streamlined MenusGoogle Will Battle Apple With Android Auto And TV, and Yahoo Revamps Flickr For Apple TV With New And Improved Features.

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