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iOS 5 beta 2

How To Downgrade iOS 5 to iOS 4

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 5 and now wish you hadn't, this is the article for you. I'll cover how to put your iPhone into DFU mode and walk you through the steps for downgrading from iOS 5 beta 2 to iOS 4.3.3.

How To Upgrade Your iPhone From iOS 4 To iOS 5

Can't wait to try the new notification center? Anxious to be reminded to empty your work fridge before you leave work? Want to iMessage all your buddies who have installed iOS 5 beta 2 already? Read on for instructions on how to get started.

Would You Give Your iPhone A Virus? Then Why Are Would-Be Developers Installing iOS Beta?

For just $100, you too can become an iOS developer and begin downloading and installing beta software. Regretfully, it appears that many of these “developers” haven’t read the fine print and as such are beginning to bash iOS 5 and Apple. Is this justified? Absolutely not.

iOS 5 Beta 2 Adds Archiving To MobileMe Accounts, & Better Gmail Support?

Apple has tweaked the way emails are handled in iOS 5 beta 2. Now MobileMe and Gmail customers can directly archive emails from the Mail app, according to an anonymous developer source.

Apple Blocks Gevey SIM Unlock In iOS 5 Beta 2

In the latest beta version of iOS 5, Apple has blocked Applenberry's Gevey SIM unlock, a hardware-based unlock solution for the iPhone.

The iOS 5 Beta 2: Two More New Goodies Uncovered

Apple surprised many with its release of iOS 5 beta 2 late Friday night. Now developers are talking, allowing us to know more about this release. Two new features that look exciting include a new first boot screen, plus a new way to scroll within a web app

You Can Already Jailbreak iOS 5 Using Existing Tools

Good news, jailbreak developers: Apple's recently released iOS 5 beta 2 software update can already be jailbroken using the existing version of redsn0w (a jailbreak solution provided by the iPhone Dev-Team).

New In iOS 5 Beta 2: Wireless Syncing With iTunes Now Enabled (Mac Only)

In the latest beta version of iOS 5 (beta 2, which was released yesterday), Apple has enabled its wireless syncing feature: Wi-Fi Sync.

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 5 Beta 2 Hits, Skype For iPad Coming, Plus Our Viewer Pick

iOS 5 beta 2 has been released to devs, Skype for iPad is coming and confirmed, plus we have our Viewer Pick of the Week!