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iPhone 4 Case

AppAdvice Slice: The Griffin Protector Case

On today's show, we're featuring a case that's a little tougher than average, but is also big on looks. Watch for a full review of the Griffin Protector.

Kensington Case Prevents Losing Your iPhone

Kensington, a well known accessory design and manufacturing company. has released an iPhone 4 system that will let you know when you get separated from your iPhone. Never again will you have to worry about leaving your phone somewhere or having it fall out of your holster or purse.

Graft Concepts Introduces Leverage, An Elegant Way To Protect Your iPhone

Graft Concepts has created Leverage, a new iPhone 4 case that will take the chore out of the installation or removal of a protective accessory for your device. This fancy case will also offer superior protection, as it is made out of a hard polycarbonate/ABS blend with a rubberized finish.