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AppAdvice Slice: The Griffin Protector Case

AppAdvice Slice: The Griffin Protector Case

November 6, 2012


Have you ever wanted to drop your iPhone down a flight of stairs? No, of course not! But, whether it's down a flight of stairs, down an elevator shaft, or just from your hand to the cement, dropping your iPhone is never good. It does happen, which is why we always suggest you protect your iDevice with a case. But, what kind of case? That all depends on how much protection you're looking for. On today's show, we're featuring a case that's a little tougher than average, but is also big on looks, which is why it falls into the, "tough case" category, but it's also good for everyday use.

The Product

Today's Tough Case is the Griffin Protector, and they actually refer to is as an "Everyday-Duty Case." So while it's still heavy on protection, it's not as heavy in your hand. It's made out of extra thick silicone, and every corner gets a little extra padding. It covers the entire device, minus the screen. It comes in lots of fashionable colors, like hot pink, turquoise, yellow, and even black if you're not looking for flash. It's easily bendable, making it easy to get on and off your device, so that you will not drop it in the process. Since it's only made out of silicone it's also very light, while at the same time incredibly durable. After many hours of testing, the case remains clean, has not ripped or scratched, and even after dropping it, it proves to be very shock absorbent. And no, we didn't do a drop test, that was purely accidental.

What's Hot

Ok, so what's hot about this case? First, definitely the colors. The colors they use make you forget that the case is bulky and meant to protect, it can almost pass as a fashion case. Okay, not quite, but close! Second, like we mentioned before, the case is protective, yet surprisingly light. Third, since it's made of silicone it does not stretch, tear, or really even get dirty. Fourth, the silicone also makes it non-slippery, so it stays put whether it's in your hands, on your desk, or in your pocket. Fifth, even though silicone covers the home, power and volume buttons, it's so soft that tapping the buttons is no problem whatsoever. And the last reason this case is a hot buy is the price! At $19.99, that is more than reasonable for a case that not only protects, but also looks cool.

What's Not So Hot

While there aren't very many downsides to the Griffin Protector, there are a few that we should go over. First it's bulky. While the Griffin Protector definitely protects, which is what you want in a protector case, it kind of makes your phone look more like an Android since it adds what feels like an inch to every side of the device. We also don't love that it covers a good portion of the front of the phone. It makes it feel stumpy, and makes the screen feel smaller than it actually is. While we did all our testing on the iPhone 5, we would hate to even imagine how small it makes the screen feel on the iPhone 4 or 4S. Also, since the silicone comes down almost like a lip over the speaker at the bottom of the device, we have gotten complaints that while on the phone the person on the receiving end can't hear if you move your mouth even slightly away from the speaker. Lastly, this case is not as tough as it looks, but that can't really be counted as a bad thing, since they brand the case as an everyday-duty case.

Compatibility And Price

So what device will fit in this light, yet rugged case? Griffin makes the Protector for the iPhone 4 and 4S at a price of $19.99. It's also now available for the iPhone 5 at the same price at $19.99.


So where can you get the Griffin Protector? Right on


If you're looking for a mix between tough, and stylish, the Griffin Protector is for you. The protection, mixed with the price, color availability, and light weight, makes it perfect for every day use.

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