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Dive Into Programming Basics With Codecademy: Hour Of Code

Go from zero to programming with this app that teaches the fundamentals of coding.

Within The Slums Of Mumbai, App Developers Find A Niche

According to Bloomberg News, application development companies are outsourcing many jobs to India. The reason is the same as for other companies who have outsourced to India, and that is because of the considerably lower costs of production. However, app development in India is on the cutting edge.

Koder Turns The iPad Into A Useful Code Editor

For those wanting to program PHP, CSS, Javascript, or HTML on the iPad, Koder offers an editor interface and specialized tools designed to work in a touch environment.

iEditor - All In One: Run Code On Your iOS Device In More Than 50 Programming Languages!

iEditor – All in One ($1.99) is a recently released iOS app that allows users to run code on their iOS device.

From the Diary of an App Developer: Let's Start Programming!

Even though the design phase of your application is going well, it probably feels like it's missing something. That "something" would be the programming--the aspect of development that turns design into functionality. This week, we'll start our programming training with some very simple SDK tutorials.