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Readability LLC

Readability Introduces Elegant Grid View For Its Curated Reading Lists On iPad

Readability, which has been my read-later app of choice since day one of its free availability in the App Store, has just received a small but nonetheless neat update.

Update Your Favorite Read-Later App Now And Read With Full iOS 6 And iPhone 5 Compatibility Later

Update to the latest version of your favorite read-later app now and prepare to read-later with the added stability of iOS 6 and the added real estate on the iPhone 5.

Readability Finally Abandons Misguided Publisher Payment Program

Readability's sketchy publisher payouts are coming to an obvious end.

Updated: Readability Directs Shared Articles To Own Servers, Cuts Out Original Publishers

Readability is "stealing" original content, effectively repackaging it as its own.

Readability Brings The Most Elegant Reading Experience Yet On iOS

Readability has finally arrived as a native app on iOS, and boy, is it awesome.