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tapping game

You May Not Be Able To Count To A Billion Very Fast, But You Can Score A Billion In 90 Seconds

Tap, mash and slide your way to a billion points in this fast-paced arcade challenge.

Help DEO Navigate Rotating Tundra And Bring His World Back To Life

DEO is a physics-based jumping game that will challenge anyone who thinks they've conquered tapping controls. Get this cute little, red furball to safety and help him restore life to his galaxy.

Simon Says Think Fast: SwipeTapTap - And A Chance To Win A Copy With A Comment!

SwipeTapTap is part Simon says, part Fruit Ninja, part Bop It! But it's also a one of a kind game. It is climbing the App Store charts rapidly and getting a lot of buzz, but does it live up to the hype? We're also giving away promo codes to win a free copy!

OOPA! Plate Smashing Fun Has Moved From Greece To iOS: Dish Break

Dish Break is a casual swipe and tap game where shattering every plate in the kitchen is a good thing. Dish Break is simple; just break everything that pops up, dishes, bowls, glass pitchers, if it’s breakable, break it. Warning: addiction potential.