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The best social media apps for Apple Watch include Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Stay up to date with the best in social media apps for your Apple Watch.

Tweetings For Twitter Gets Better ... And More Tweetbot-Like

Developer DW:design is definitely unfazed by the prospect of restriction thanks to Twitter’s ambiguous guidelines on third-party apps. This month alone, it has pushed three significant updates to its popular Twitter client for iPhone, Tweetings.

Tweetings For Twitter Aims To Shine Brighter With Better Integration

Even as the future of third-party Twitter apps remain uncertain in light of Twitter’s prospectively stricter policies, Tweetings continues to get updated ... and updated some more.

Tweetings 'Retweets' Official Twitter Client's Selective Push Notification Feature

Tweetings, a notable iOS client for — what else? — Twitter, has recently been updated with a new feature you won't want to miss.

Appisode 102: T.V. Shows, Movies And Netflix All On The iPad - Plus Some Awesome Giveaways

We're giving away an iPad, a Chevy Volt and a MacBook today on AppAdvice Daily! O.k., April fools!! We might not be giving away crazy stuff like that, but we do have some real awesome giveaways in the works. We'll also talking about Netflix streaming on the ipad, every iPad app ever, plus exclusive Tweetings screen shots, not to mention an app giveaway that will have you saying 69. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.