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How To Get The Most Out Of Siri Dictation

Using dictation on an iOS device can be very useful, but only if you know these helpful commands.

New AppGuide: iPhone Keyboard Apps

When Apple debuted the soft keyboard with the original iPhone, it was a huge hit. Now however, as we are near the fifth iteration of the iconic phone, that same keyboard can look a bit dated. While the apps in this AppGuide cannot actually replace the included keyboard, they do provide a nice typing environment which can be adaptable to fit many different needs.

Review: Typing Maniac - The Facebook Typing Phenomena Comes To iOS

The popular Facebook typing game comes to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Type the falling words before they reach the bottom of the screen. Click through to find out more.

Review: Font Monsters - Save The World With Your Keyboard

Font Monsters brings an interesting letter based type-em-up the the iphone. but does it spell success or is it just the definition of failure?

Review: Texting Of The Bread - Typing To Kill

Want to get better at typing while killing zombie gingerbread men? There's now an app for that, thanks to ScrewAttack's Texting of the Bread. Click to read all about it.

Turn Your iPad Into A Netbook Easily With This Nifty iPad Case

While viewed as a netbook alternative, one accessory manufacturer lets iPad owners "have their cake and eat it too."