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Cat Quest
Splatter Caverns
Dyna Knight
Swim Out
Titanfall: Assault
Cavefall: Endless Adventure

Get ready to quest with titans as new games flip into the App Store. There's a lot of variety this week ranging from hotly anticipated titles to surprising smaller games. The early highlights include a cat powered action RPG, console game spin off, flip flopping matching game, and much more.

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Cat Quest

Cat Quest

The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.

A cat themed action RPG with real time combat on a tapestry infused map.

Cat Quest is a fantastic open world RPG dungeon crawler that's filled with dragons, cats, and epic loot.

Titanfall: Assault



Titanfall has made its way to iOS in a brand new online based real time strategy game.

Titanfall comes to iOS in a real time strategy form allowing you to deploy pilots in titans to try to take control of the given map. The game emphasizes online multiplayer as you try to put your units into proper position to defeat your enemy with fast paced action.



kubra sezer

A 3D matching game that is all about shifting the play field to make matches.

Colored cubes roll in, and you swipe to rotate the cube play field at the center of the screen. The cubes already in place react at the center is rotated, and you try to make stacks and cascades of matching colors with a neat 3D perspective shift.

Silly Walks

Silly Walks

Part Time Monkey Oy

Play as a pineapple, cupcake, hot dog, noodles, and more with crazy controls for walking.

A game like QWOP, I Am Bread, Octodad, Steppy Pants, and similar with crazy controls to move the main character. There's no precision, and instead you're just try to move forward in any form you can. Silly Walks introduces household items as the main characters.

STANDBY - Lightning Fast Platformer



A fast paced and twitch based platformer with slides, dashes, and teleportation.

Hardcore platformers take the familiar style and amplify the difficulty with speed and precise obstacle placement. Standby delivers the style with a minimalistic presentation and multiple maneuvers. You can slide, shoot, teleport, and more.

Carmageddon: Crashers


Stainless Games Ltd

A jousting style game with cars that are prepping to smash into one another.

The makers of Carmageddon have a brand new game that continues the car carnage action. This time, you face off in a drag race style in which both competitors are driving right towards each other. Maximize the damage, and witness the 3D physics engine in full effect.

Strike Team Hydra

Strike Team Hydra

Wave Light Games Inc.

A tactical strategy game set in a Sci-Fi world.

A tactical strategy game in which you direct your squad to the right positions to maximize attack position and defensive protection. Each member of your squad has a decision to make on their turn to use cover, suppressive fire, advanced weaponry, and more.

Amigo Pancho 2: Puzzle Journey

Amigo Pancho 2

Yury Koshechkin

Amigo Pancho flies into the scene with balloons, and it's up to you to keep him in the air.

Amigo Pancho is back with his two balloons to fly through crazy levels. Your goal is to move Amigo Pancho past all kinds of obstacles with well time action puzzle maneuvers.

Power Hover: Cruise

Power Hover

Oddrok Oy

A spin off that delivers an endless version of the hoverboard adventure game.

Jump back on your hoverboard, and take on an endless version of Power Hover. This time, there are three stages built upon the premise of the original, but now more a zen style high score challenge.

Combat Squad - Online FPS

Combat Squad

A-33 Studio Co.,Ltd.

A first person shooter that emphasizes online multiplayer and tactical team play.

An online multiplayer first person shooter with multiple ways to play from five on five to AI infused ranks. The game is all about tactical strategy for team based combat that lets you command your deployment and strategy during battle.




A Pokemon inspired monster catcher and battler.

You have probably played this type of game before as you catch, evolve, and battle monsters. There are over 300 monsters included within a classic story progression and world to interact with.