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TBR: Book List Tracker
EmSafe - Emergency Travel App
Portra Cam - Film Camera
Watch Counters
Blue Wallpapers

Here’s our latest look at the best new apps that arrived in the past week. Our top choice is a well-rounded book tracking app TBR. See what else made the list.

TBR: Book List Tracker
TBR: Book List Tracker

TBR: Book List Tracker

The Hawaii Project, LLC

Track Your Reading

TBR is a perfect way to keep track of your reading. Along with to be read, you can even catalog the book you’re currently reading and the books you’ve read. Find your next great obsession as the app features reading ideas from books you’ve previously read.

EmSafe - Emergency Travel App


EmLoop Software Limited

Get Help Anywhere

Along with correct phone numbers to police, fire, and ambulance for your location, it will provide directions to the nearest hospital. You can also view a comprehensive CPR guide. The app covers a huge host of countries worldwide.

Portra Cam - Film Camera

Portra Cam

Atasagun Kahveci

Transform Your Images

The app features five beautiful film stocks. Just select the stock you’d like to try and take the photo. To help craft a great photo, the app offers more than 15 aesthetic composition grids. There is also a mist filter to add a magical feel to images.