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Bookmarks: Organize & Track
Avocado Habit
Night Vision Lens
Aquarium Journal

A powerful bookmark manager and a free habit tracker highlight our best new apps of the week.

Bookmarks: Organize & Track
Bookmarks: Organize & Track


Frank Thamel

Better Manage Your Web Surfing

Bookmarks wants to make your web life easier with a number of great management and organization features. With the app, you can save your favorite sites to the app and add tags, set reminders, and organize them in links and projects. That will allow you to organize bookmarks how you want for easy retrieval.

Avocado Habit

Avocado Habit

Roman Novosad

Build and Manage Habits

Avocado Habit is a great way to understand your habits. You can leverage insights to build and cultivate positive habits. And then you can continue to keep track of them. The avocado plant will grow by completing habits and routines.

Night Vision Lens

Night Vision Lens

Masanori Katsuta

Bring the Light to Dark Photo

With Night Vision Lens, you can change a dark image and add light. You can even do the opposite and change a brighten image to something dark. Along with photos, the app even works for video.