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Albums – Music Player
Control Panel for Twitter
The Magic Highlighter
Supersonic: Social Running
enRoute: Smart Route Planner
Bowling Score: Ten Pin Tracker

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, there was no shortage of great new apps. Take a look at our choices for the Best Apps of the Month.

Albums – Music Player
Albums – Music Player


Zero1 Software LLC

See Your Apple Music Collection in a New Light

As you might have guessed by the name, Albums is all about providing a great way to listen to albums in your library. The player provides a full album experience without any distractions. It’s well designed any is easy for anyone to use. You can easily navigate through your entire music library with just a few taps.

Control Panel for Twitter

Control Panel for Twitter

Jonathan Buchanan

A Different Way to Use Twitter

If you’re fed up with the official Twitter app, try out the new Control Panel for Twitter. Even though it’s not an app, the Safari extension can make using Twitter’s site a more enjoyable experience with a number of configurable options. By default, the extension will default your timeline to a reverse-chronological Following timeline that will only show tweets from the people you follow. The For You tab is hidden away.

The Magic Highlighter

The Magic Highlighter

Herd Works Inc

Always Find What You're Looking For

The extension solves a problem when searching. After using a search engine and clicking on the link, it can sometimes be hard to actually find what you were looking for on the page and requires you to use the find in page action or Command-F shortcut on an iPad with an external keyboard like the Apple’s Magic Keyboard. But the extension will automatically highlight the search terms and phrases so the content you were looking for stands out on the page. All of the work is private and data is processed on the device with nothing sent to third-party servers.

Supersonic: Social Running


Magic Circles, Inc

A Virtual Exercise Club

Being active and improving your fitness is definitely a solitary journey—especially if you run or walk outside. But the new app Supersonic wants to help you get moving and keep up the helpful habit. The app can track both your runs and steps so you can see everything in one place. You can also view all of your progress in real time to help meet goals. The tracker also shows your personal bests and how the current month stacks up wth your stats from the previous timeframe.