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June 17, 2022

Dadish 3
Lava Crew
Ace Attorney Trilogy
Tiptap Tiles
Friction 90's Arcade Race
Barnard's Star
Flewfie's Adventure

It’s time to take another look back the best new games that have recently hit the App Store. Our top choice is the fun retro platformer Dadish 3. Make sure to make a look at our entire list of great new titles.

Dadish 3

Dadish 3

Thomas Young

The Third Time is the Charm

The third chapter of the fun, retro Dadish series is here. After his kid boards a bus for a suspicious field trip, Dadish will need to find him before he comes radish soup. There are more than 50 platformer levels where you can ride a dolphin, splash through a sewer, and more.

Lava Crew

Lava Crew

Martin Antell

A Finger-Flicking Adventure

Test your reflexes in Lava Crew. The game features overhead 2D arcade action where you’ll need to keep flcking your fingers to win and defeat the hoard of Lava Beasts.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

Ace Attorney Trilogy


Relive the First Three Games of the Popular Series

In Ace Attorney Trilogy, you can play the first three games focusing on rookie attorney Phoenix Wright. You can enjoy all 14 episodes. You’ll need to uncover the truth and save your innocent client.