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October 16, 2021

Get Together: A Coop Adventure
Unicorns on Unicycles
Basketball Odyssey
Hundred Days
Slender: The Arrival

Our latest look at the best new games on the App Store is here. We're highlighting a cooperative adventure, a unicorn fighting game, and a relaxing way to play hoops. See our entire list.

Get Together: A Coop Adventure
Get Together: A Coop Adventure

Get Together

Studio Sterneck

Solve Puzzles, Together

Designed for two players, you and a friend will tackle a puzzle adventure. In the game, you are a luckless explorer who was split into two different beings. All of the puzzles are made where only one player has parts to the solution. So communication is definitely a key when playing.

Unicorns on Unicycles

Unicorns on Unicycles

Rogue Games

Don’t Mess With the Horns

Unicorns on Unicycles is an out-of-the-ordinary fighting game. You’ll take on other unicorns while balancing a unicycle at the same time. Expect a lot of unicorn rainbow blood.

Basketball Odyssey

Basketball Odyssey

Ruben Pecellin

Take a Relaxing Shot

Basketball Odyssey is a different take on a hoops game. You’ll shoot hoops and unlock new worlds. The game features relaxing music and ambient sounds along with the retro 8-bit graphics.