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October 08, 2021

Star Hunters
Rec Room: Play with Friends
NFL Clash
Beholder's Lair
Disney Wonderful Worlds
Kyle is Famous: Complete

Our top new game of the week is Star Hunters that combines both a video game and board game. See what else made our list.

Star Hunters

Star Hunters


Combining a Board Games and Video Game

Instead of heading to your device to start playing, it’s time to turn on your printer. You’ll print out the game board and pawns. When it’s time to play, you’ll need one device to run the companion app KaiK’eye that is used to film the board. The other will be used to play the video game.

Rec Room: Play with Friends

Rec Room

Rec Room Inc

Build and Play Games Together

You’ll be doing more than just playing games in Rec Room. You can build your own game and play with friends from all around the world. It’s a cross player game on many different platforms.



Lone Stone

A Solo Puzzle Game

Moonfang features 20 levels of gameplay, separated in five theatrical acts. You’ll control three characters each with a specific set of skills and attributes.



Broken Rules

Journey Into a Bureaucratic Nightmare

VITRIOL is a a unique interactive literature. You’ll be tossed into a bureaucratic nightmare. But can you escape? There are 66 word puzzles to beat. It’s made for short bursts of gameplay.