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The Best Augmented Reality Games Made For iOS 11

ARKit is a big new developer tool in iOS 11 allowing third party developers to build in native support for augmented reality. Pokemon Go's popularity built intrigue, and Apple is now allowing developers to piggyback on that popularity to try to build more advanced gaming concepts. These games tie directly into the camera and gyroscope and combine that with deluxe 3D graphics engines to attempt to create all new experiences.

Lila's Tale: Stealth
PuzzlAR: World Tour
Catchy Words


Climax Studios Ltd.

**ARKit only Puzzle game**

Explore a living AR world like never before. Lead your pint-sized adventurer up the stony flanks of a cast golem, using perspective and visual cues to cross chasms and scale sheer cliff faces. Aim to align magical connections and create paths.

ARise features:

- Fully 3D, rich game world to explore from every angle
- Solve puzzles using visual cues whilst moving around the world
- No touch or swipe is needed to complete the puzzles

*ARise is only available on ARkit enabled devices

ARise in the press:

"ARise is a cool new game built from the ground up for augmented reality - and it's amazing." = Macworld UK

"...the most impressive game I saw, not least because it did something I've not quite seen in AR before." - Forbes

"A clever 3D puzzle." - The Independent (UK)

"... I can see the kids really enjoying this." - touch

"A clever evolution of puzzle-platformed games." -

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Euclidean Lands
Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands

kunabi brother GmbH

A beautiful puzzle game with unique mechanics that blends isometric architecture and turn-based movement into an exciting medieval game world.

Shift and rotate the world to change perspective. Solve tricky puzzles to deceive and defeat the evil enemy and its servants.


• 5 chapters & 40 challenging levels
• One-of-a-kind gaming experience
• Beautiful cubic architecture
• Various enemy types
• Fierce boss fights
• iCloud sync

"Absorbing Brain-Pleaser" ~ Macworld

"Magnificent rotating puzzles" ~ Kotaku

“Relaxing and challenging at the same time.” ~ The Verge

"A Masterful Puzzle Adventure" ~ PocketGamer

"Looks and sounds amazing" ~ Stuff

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Conduct AR!
Conduct AR!

Conduct AR!


Conduct AR! is an epic augmented reality game of explosive railway action. Set in the old west you journey through diorama worlds that unfold right in front of you. Commanding trains, switching tracks and avoiding collisions, playing out in reality on the table in front of you. Look over and around landscapes, solve spatial puzzles and keep the situation under control to become the ultimate conductor in the Wild West.

• Conduct trains in beautiful augmented reality on a surface right in front of you, powered by Apple’s ARKit.
• Challenging action puzzles that require you to move around your device to explore the world.
• Simple and intuitive gameplay for everyone, just tap to start/stop trains and control switches.
• Transport passengers on time, earn stars and progress through a journey through the old west.
• A standalone experience based on the popular Conduct THIS!, winner of the International Mobile Gaming Awards and played by more than 3 million people.
• Fantastic soundtrack by composer Simon Kölle.

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Lila's Tale: Stealth

Lila's Tale: Stealth

Skullfish Studios

Use the full power of Apple’s Augmented Reality to play Lila’s Tale: Stealth. Play with this adventure stealth game in your living room! Guide Lila, a little girl trapped in a strange place, with your phone and be smart to avoid enemies’ sight while collecting coins and retrieving the key to successfully leave each dungeon.

Lila’s Tale: Stealth will make you explore the potential of AR while having hours of fun. From the developers of Lila’s Tale, a Virtual Reality immersive and artistic game that won 6 prizes and nominations.

Main Features:
• Use Augmented Reality to explore all the secrets of the game.
• Place Lila anywhere you want to start playing
• Guide Lila with your phone
• Stay out of sight, don’t let the Shadow Enemies see you!
• Collect as much coins as you can (collect coins guiding Lila and using your own phone)
• Trade coins for upgrades or for new hats
• Take pictures with Lila!
• More features and Dungeon levels coming soon!

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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR
Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Limbic Software

ZOMBIE GUNSHIP REVENANT is the ultimate augmented reality zombie shooter where you take control of a heavily-armed helicopter gunship and obliterate zombies from the sky.

Requires a device running iOS11 and supporting ARKit.

Fly a Gunship Helicopter controlled by your movements and defend against a zombie apocalypse.

Fight hordes of zombies with beautiful new thermal camera graphics.

Arm your gunship with gatling guns, cannons, rockets, missiles and the sniper pod.

Upgrade and enhance your arsenal with resources you earn in battle.

Follow us for the latest news and game updates:

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PuzzlAR: World Tour

PuzzlAR: World Tour

Bica Studios

"It's a 3D spatial puzzler - but played on your table! " - Pocket Gamer

"PuzzlAR dazzles with interface gameplay designed for AR" - Next Reality


Piece by piece you can construct replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Forbidden City, Taj Mahal and Saint Basil Cathedral. Each puzzle features three levels of difficulty, for a more relaxing or challenging experience.

Your patience and skill will be required but the results are worth it. Explore detailed environments full of beautiful details and animations, right in front of you, using Augmented Reality.


The PuzzlAR: World Tour visual style is inspired by Poly Art, to bring a fresh take on famous landmarks from around the globe.

Tap and drag floating puzzle pieces to construct your replicas. Designed with augmented reality in mind for a unique gameplay experience.

Look around the scenarios and search for all the secret medals. Can you find them all?

The next puzzle could be a monument from your town! Vote on the landmarks that you would like to see becoming a puzzle on the next updates.

Sounds from around the world that play simultaneously with the construction of each puzzle.

Let our stunning levels transport you to the most beautiful landmarks in the world.


Suitable for all ages.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Russia, Turkish, Arabic, Mandarim, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and Korean.


Bica Studios team proudly presents its first Augmented Reality game, an exciting and novel puzzle game experience, powered by ARkit. Explore famous landmarks like never before.

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Catchy Words

Catchy Words


Meet a new word game made specifically with augmented reality in mind!

Immersive experience without touching the screen. Just walk around, catch the letters with your device and solve the word!

Loved by everyone! Catchy can be enjoyed by the whole family, regardless of age. Kids will solve the words and remember the spelling, but adults can help and show off their skills.

Each interaction feels familiar and fluid making it a truly physical experience and connects you with the virtual world.

Thank you for playing Catchy! Feel free to send any questions or feedback to [email protected] or contact us directly via App Store review.

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AR Darts Challenge
AR Darts Challenge

AR Darts Challenge

ConnectScale, LLC

Place a Dart board in Augmented Reality and test your dart skills anywhere in this Timed based Around The Clock Challenge. Accuracy counts as each miss gives a 1 second penalty to your total score. Keep track of your times with a Leaderboard and challenge your friends with your device to see if they can beat you.

Hit every single number on the board plus the bullseye as quick as possible using the fewest number of darts. Numbers must be hit in order starting with 1 to 20 then finish with the bullseye. You cannot move onto another number until you have hit the number your are aiming for. For each miss you will receive a 1 second penalty.

Compatible with iOS 11. Created with ARKit

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AR Dragon
AR Dragon

AR Dragon


Augmented Reality Virtual Pet Simulator!

Hatch and care for your own unique dragon!

Your dragon is one of a kind and unlike any other in the world!

Discover and care for your own unique pet dragon:

* Each day your dragon grows older and larger in size.
* No two dragons will look the same!
* Bring your dragon into the real world with AR!
* Play catch with your dragon to ensure they’re having fun.
* Make sure to feed your dragon so they dont go hungry.
* Collect over 20 unique hats and fancy skins to dress up your dragon.
* Rare toys and food to collect!
* Training mode coming soon!
* Teen / Adult dragon coming soon!


AR Dragon is free game. However, some extra items can be purchased for real money.

AR Dragon was developed by PlaySide, the developers behind the Editors’ Choice title “Catch The Ark”, Icy Ropes, Monkey Ropes, The Lego Batman Movie Game and Bouncy Bits.

Let us know what you would love to see in our next update. Visit us at :

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Mammoth Mini Golf AR

Mammoth Mini Golf AR

Looking for a relaxed introduction to augmented reality? Mammoth Mini Golf AR has you covered with big time fun for the whole family. The magic of augmented reality brings a wacky caveman themed world of mini golf right into your home.

Place the course anywhere you like, grab your friends and let the fun begin! Move around to get the best angle, set direction and power and putt for glory. But watch out for the crazy mammoths, dino-birds and cavemen trying to stop your ball from reaching its home.

- Augmented Reality
- Optimized for the new iPhone X
- The course ‘grows’ where you place it
- Casual sports game for the whole family
- 6 courses: Frosty Fields, Lava Lakes, Jungle Journey, Holiday Hills, Random 9 and Endless
- 1-4 player pass-and-play
- Any size from tabletop to football field
- Intuitive controls
- Adorable characters
- Challenging animated holes

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Drive Ahead! Minigolf
Drive Ahead! Minigolf

Drive Ahead! Minigolf

Dodreams Fairytale Company Oy

You can now play mini golf anywhere! From the creators of the racing and sports hit games “Drive Ahead!” and “Drive Ahead! Sports”, comes the craziest mini golf game to test your skills.

Those brave car gladiators from Drive Ahead! games need a break too. When they are on vacation they relax with mini golf. But it's not just any old mini golf game - in Drive Ahead! style the tracks come with tough obstacles like raging monster trucks, burning lava pits and land mines ready to explode.

Drive Ahead! Minigolf is the most hilarious mini golf game you’ll find
Plays just like real minigolf with your phone as the putting club
Single and multiplayer modes for 1-4 players
Endless number tracks available
Crazy obstacles from Drive Ahead! games
Share instant replays with friends

Drive Ahead! Minigolf plays just like the real thing. As an augmented reality game, you can set the track anywhere in the real world. Hold on tight to your iPhone or iPad because it’s the club you use to hit the ball. Remember to stay safe!

The game features an endless number of tracks you can practice in single player mode. For even more fun, challenge your friends to play matches on the one and same device. You can save your favorite courses to play them again.

Drive Ahead! racing and sports games are cornerstone of gaming for millions of players. With Drive Ahead! Minigolf, we bring the favorite parts of those games to mini golf. This is a skill game you can learn to master. It’s perfected with non-stop fun from random track obstacles. That’s why you can share your best trick shots with video replays.

We would love to hear your feedback. You can email us at driveaheadminigolf [at] dodreams [dot] com or follow us on Facebook. Here is our Privacy Policy:

Are you enjoying Drive Ahead! Minigolf? Help us make more fun games like this by rating and reviewing it!

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Magical Park
Magical Park

Magical Park

Geo AR Games

Want to roam with a life-size robot, collect cute kittens or train a dragon in your local park? Magical Park is the world’s 1st digital playground and uses augmented reality to get kids off the couch and active outside in a safe park space. Magical Park only works in designated park spaces your local council has subscribed to. Find your nearest Magical Park at or via the map provided inside the game.

Watch our video

Get off the couch and active outside and discover the magic that’s hiding in your local park!

*** SUPPORTS iPhone 5+, Ipad 3+ and Ipad Mini if it has a GPS ***

• FREE to play
• No In-App purchases
• No In-App Advertising
• Gets kids to run on average for 1.45km during 45min of game play
• Great motivation for kids to learn to read
• Low mobile data use (approximately 500KB per game)
• Ongoing FREE content updates

Donwload Magical Park at home to ensure your device is compatible. Your mobile device needs to have 4 in-built sensors: GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and a Compass and access to about 500kB of mobile data.

Go to your nearest Magical Park (Check inside the app on the map or via our website) and walk to the pink park marker on your map screen. The marker will turn into a yellow portal when you are close enough to the park centre. Follow the instructions and choose 1 of the portals to enter a magical game world. New game worlds will pop up every month, so make sure you come back to the park.

You can walk around and explore in the world you have selected to complete missions you have been given.

The dragons of Dragonland need your help. Dragons eat red chilli crystals to spit fire and keep the world warm. But the red crystals are running out and Dragonland is in danger of freezing.

It’s your job to help Sprite – the littlest dragon in Dragonland – find red crystals and save Dragonland from freezing. Explore wondrous augmented reality game worlds, make new friends and learn how to get red crystals.

The more you play and run around, the faster you level up and gain more team members. Send your team members on missions and unlock access to your Dragon’s Den to raise your very own Dragonling! As you level up you will also unlock fun training games for your Dragonling that you can play at home until the next time you get back to the park.

[email protected]

For more information or support, visit
Please report any issues you might have with our game to [email protected]

* Blog

“Best thing to have happened on our field. Engaging Learners who have difficulty in the class programme has been amazing.”

“With their device in hand, my 6 year old twin boys went off on a discovery and saw their park in a whole new way. Even this cynical mum felt a rush when a T-Rex started running towards us! Great fun.”

“Thank you Geoargames! My son loved loved loved the dinosaurs and experience - just amazing detail and likeness! We were outdoors, together as a family, having fun - perfect recipe .. we can't wait to get down to [the] park again“

“Given the number of distractions kids have to stay indoors this is a great way to get the family out into the parks and enjoy the fresh air while playing their games.”

ABOUT Geo AR Games
We are 2 female New Zealand founders with a passion for the outdoors, technology and great entertainment. We want your child to experience Wonder, Excitement and Creativity when going to your local park and exercise without noticing it.

We are part of the ethical kids games movement. To learn more please see our privacy policy:

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AR Runner

AR Runner

Semidome Inc.

Run through checkpoints and set new records! Compete against other players worldwide! Play indoors or outside! AR Runner is a one-of-a-kind competitive augmented reality game.



• Normal:
Activate the spots in a certain order

• 30 Sec Rush:
Activate the most number of spots in 30 seconds

• Enemies:
Activate the most number of spots while avoiding enemies

• Wall Punch:
Activate the most number of circles by moving your device through them



• Choose between different field sizes and shapes to match your environment and skills



• See how you rank against other players



• PHOTO MODE: Take a photo of your score using the in-game camera

• Sync your progress using iCloud

• Minimalist design

• Universal app for iPhone and iPad

• Immersive digital environments

• No ads

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My Country
My Country

My Country

Game Insight

Experience the first ever city builder designed for augmented reality! Travel around the world to discover unique locations and build your own country right on your coffee table!

The latest technologies finally allow you to see your creation in a whole new dimension, filled with miniature cities and their cute inhabitants. Take charge of developing an entire country and watch the boundaries melt away between your city and reality! Manage airports and train stations. Build up a business district packed with skyscrapers and travel to the countryside. The choices are all yours!

• FIRST EVER city builder for augmented reality - you have to see it to believe it!
• BUILD a country of your dreams right on your coffee table!
• FIND hidden items for your citizens and complete fun tasks!
• PARTY in the city! Throw a huge party every time you feel like celebrating
• UPGRADE your cities to generate a booming economy!
• DISCOVER unique locations - Airport, Trainyard, Marina and more!
• SNAP photos of your creations - pose as a giant overlooking the city or send your pet for a photo op!"

Like us on Facebook -
Support -
Privacy policy -

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Blindfire Limited

Exhilarating tower defense in 3 dimensions!

Design, build and program your defences against the colourful Terrorhedron spheres! Unlock new infrastructure, turrets, and upgrades in your quest to achieve all the stars. Terrorhedron offers a fresh look, feel and an entirely new depth of experience to a popular genre.


Augmented reality ARkit support
Supports Apple Metal technology for lightning fast visuals
Challenging and strategic gameplay in 3 dimensions
Attractive abstract grid-based landscapes
6 worlds to defend
6 turret types available, each with 2 upgrades
8 turret programming modes
Infrastructure blocks to expand your building surface

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ARrived (AR God Simulation)
ARrived (AR God Simulation)

ARrived (AR God Simulation)


The player assumes the role of a deity who must lead followers through key decisions and interacts with real environment in order to guide them reach prosperity and to all kinds of crazy stuff. Play god you want! Designed for augmented reality and inspired by classic God simulation games.

First time ever in games - use real life objects, they will be identity and transfer into the game as 3D objects.

One of the first games developed exclusively for Apple's ARkit and CoreML technologies.

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Built to Blast AR
Built to Blast AR

Built to Blast AR


Since the dawn of time, children and adults alike have built small structures only to ruthlessly smash them down as soon as they're done. From stones to sticks to blocks, Built to Blast is mankind's ultimate achievement in building-and-blasting technology, giving you the opportunity to build anything you want, then destroy it, right on your own desk or in your own living room!

The latest in augmented reality technology allows us to insert your creations into reality, seamlessly integrating your soon-to-be-destroyed structures with the world around you.

Build to your heart's content, then, blast, blast, blast!

This is just the first version of Built to Blast. The following features will be coming in a future update:

- Front-facing-camera snapshots to capture the goofy grin you'll have on your face while playing (maybe. this one is still up in the air)
- A full game mode, with points and objectives
- Free-form placement; build outside the box, at any angle you'd like, with intuitive gestures
- More block materials, including super-strong steel
- Game level sharing
- Much more!

Once the first major update hits, the price will go up, so download now! Or don't. Whatever. I'm just an app description.

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Army of Robots
Army of Robots

Army of Robots

Sinergia Studios

Army of Robots is an AR arcade-style mech shooter in which you must destroy robots that are invading your real world.

Those robots came with one intention: to eliminate all humans and take control over our planet. You are the only one who can stop them.

They can be anywhere, like, in your living room, your office or even at outside places like at your backyard, at the park, or literally anywhere.

Use your device to find, shoot and destroy them. Before they destroy you.

The future of this (augmented) reality is in your hands in Army of Robots.

- Fast and challenging matches in Arcade style
- Many different types of robots to destroy in 12 challenging stages

Army of Robots is compatible with iPhone® SE / 6s / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus and iPad® Pro (all 3 versions) and 9.7" 2017 models, with version 11 or later of the iOS operating system.

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My Mammott
My Mammott

My Mammott

Big Blue Bubble

From the studio that brought you the hit mobile phenomenon My Singing Monsters comes a brand new game - My Mammott! Now you can play with a singing monster of your very own!

Your playful monster buddy repeats back to you everything you say! Care for your Mammott and it’ll learn new tricks to entertain you. Unlock new animations and worlds for your Mammott to live in, and even put them in the real world using Augmented Reality. Featuring lots of fun activities, mini-games and hilarious Mammott hijinks – once you start, you won’t be able to stop!


- Talk to Mammott and he will repeat everything you say with a monstery voice.
- Poke his head, belly, back, or feet.
- Feed him treats such as cookies and donuts
- Shake phone to create an earthquake for him
- Make Mammott dance, do tricks, and sing
- Interact with him in different environments, including the Real World!
- Play a mini-game where you need to fling Thumpies at Mammott for diamond rewards.
- Record and share videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or send them by email.

Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Mammott.

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Let's Stack AR!

Let's Stack AR!

Hendri Soerianto

The fun block stacking game is now in Augmented Reality!

Help a little duck stack blocks and build the tallest tower by tapping anywhere. See how high you can get without misplacing the blocks!

With AR, you now have the ability to place the blocks at the beach, in your living room or backyard! Once done, you can see how tall your tower is and compare it to real world objects!

Let's Stack AR is created by a 10-year old developer Yuma Soerianto, the youngest Apple WWDC17 scholarship winner.

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Nitro Nation Online
Nitro Nation Online

Nitro Nation Online

Creative Mobile

For those who live life 1/4 mile at a time, Nitro Nation is the most addictive drag racing game!

Race, mod and tune a hundred of real licensed cars. Start a team, invite your friends, win tournaments. Trade parts with other drag racers online and build your dream car.

"It's almost dangerously simple to pick up and play" - Pocket Gamer

"Nitro Nation Online is one of the best drag racers out there... A must have for the speed-addicted." - The App Zine

"Nitro Nation Online is a beautiful drag racing game with a vibrant online community" - Pocket Meta

LOTS OF CARS - Supercars and Exotics? Check. Tuners and Street racers? Check. Classic and Modern muscle? You bet! The best part? There's always more of them coming to the game!
We know you love drag racing cars, we have more than 100 real cars from top international car brands like Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen - and many more!

FAIR PLAY - no "fuel" that you have to wait for. Free of "delivery time" for cars or upgrades. Every vehicle is competitive and there are no "premium" upgrades. It's all about player driving skill and dedication.

REAL RACERS & TEAMS – we’re all about multiplayer racing, there's always an online rival waiting for you on the street or the track. Start by racing any distance from 1/8 to a full mile, join or create a team, win tournaments with your crew, work your way up the leaderboard rankings, or test your nerves in wager races.
Join a Live Multiplayer race, play in real time with friends and opponents all over the world! Compete in weekly Regional tournaments and work your way up through the Bronze and Silver divisions to the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing division!

EPIC UPGRADES - Upgrade and improve 33 unique car components with 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints. Satisfy your need for speed and build a one-of-a-kind top drag racing machine. Ever dreamed of smoking an exotic sports car in your 800 HP Volkswagen Golf? Happens every day on the streets of NN.

PERSONAL TOUCH – customize your drag car with cool decals, arrange them the way you like. Choose your own custom paint color and finish for every bit. Add real Toyo Tires and aftermarket Tec Speedwheels rims, install aftermarket bumpers, skirts and spoilers to give your car a unique look!

CAR GEEKS WELCOME – powered by the CarX Physics Engine, we have the most realistic car physics on the market - everything works the way it does in real life. Tune your gears with detailed specs, dyno graphs, gearing charts and advanced race statistics will help you put your racing knowledge to use.

It's all about the multiplayer experience! Connect with other car game fanatics, make some new friends and enjoy NN together:
Nitro Nation Website:
Nitro Nation Forums:

The fully installed game requires at least (1.5 GB) of free space in your internal storage
Device: 1 GB of Ram recommended
Wifi: Internet connection is required to play


- If you forgot your password, you can reset it using the corresponding option on the login screen. Check your e-mail for instructions.
- If you haven't set up a recovery e-mail, or if you forgot your username, please contact us at and tell us everything that can help identify your account.
If you have any questions, make sure you check out our FAQ at
...or use one of the two ways to contact us through our Support system: or via e-mail at [email protected]

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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Chess+ AR

Chess+ AR

Jorge Moreno Aguilera

Play to chess and its main variants in augmented reality! Only on iOS 11.

== Classic chess ==
The classic chess with the official FIDE rules.

== Horde ==
Can you survive the horde of pawns?

== Antichess ==
Capturing is forced. The objective is to lose all pieces.

== King of the Hill ==
The goal is to put your king in one of the four squares in the center.

== Racing Kings ==
Check is entirely forbidden. The winner is the first player that moves his king to the eight row.

== Three checks ==
The winner is the first player to check their opponent three times.

And much more:

- checkboard in marble, wood and organic
- vs computer or human
- Strong cpu engine

Download now!

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StAR Surge
StAR Surge

StAR Surge

Mithun Bhat

Use Augmented Reality on iOS 11 (or later), Apple's newest technology ARKit, to play a stunning and immersive 3D spaceship invasion game! Place the city on a flat surface such as a table or floor and start the game - then look out for Alien spaceships and blast them before they destroy all 4 quadrants of your little town!
Using Augmented Reality you can glide through the game as if it were happening in front of you! See the explosions in your living room! Walk through a virtual town that appears on your Office floor!

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Table Tennis AR

Table Tennis AR


Enjoy a challenging augmented reality game of Table Tennis with beautiful 3D graphics and realistic physics!

The game turns your phone into a paddle. Moving the phone moves the paddle - and that's all.

• AUGMENTED REALITY - the game displays a table in real world through your phone's camera. Put the table in your living room or in the backyard!

• SIMPLE - your hand is the controller. Just swipe the phone to hit the ball.

• REALISTIC - real-life inspired physics calculations for realistic, intensive and fast-paced action.

• MULTIPLAYER - enjoy a match of table tennis with a friend or a family member. Both local and online multiplayer is supported through Game Center!

• SMART - have fun playing against your phone that automatically adjusts to your skill level and provides endless challenge!

• GO LIVE! - Stream your match directly from the game to popular services like Mobcrush, YouTube or Periscope. (3rd party service app required.)

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You Gun Die AR

You Gun Die AR

nomtasticapps, LLC

Welcome to the infinite apocalypse — your mission is essential, and it looks like this:

• Augmented Reality
• Shoot things (then they explode)
• Don’t Die

What else do you need to know? You Gun Die is a first person augmented reality arcade shooter experience. That means you use your phone to look around and shoot at endless enemy invaders that are in the room with you! Don’t be alarmed if no one else can see them (this can’t be the first time that’s happened to you). There are also special abilities to make things easier for you:

• A Bomb to EXPLODE everything (this can get messy)
• An Auto-Fire mode that shoots faster than your measly human trigger fingers
• An extra life that revives you after you inevitably die

You Gun Die is one of the best indie games for AR invasion defense, offering dual fun as a fast-paced fps adventure for the player, and puzzling entertainment to any friends watching them run, duck, and aim to stay alive and escape the plague in a race to purge every invader. Built on ARKit to seamlessly merge your real world with pixel perfect 3D horror, You Gun Die brings a thrilling fight to veteran gunfighters looking for a rush and an addicting marvel for casual gamers to kill time shooting at enemies in the shadows. You'll be coming back week after week, month after month for another hit. And besides, who could deny wholesome military warfare to the kids?

If you've read this far it's worth a download. It's free after all.

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Mancala FS5
Mancala FS5

Mancala FS5

FlipSide5, Inc.

Play against your friends or online against thousands of players in the most popular, seamless and streamlined rendition of Mancala available on the App Store. Differently themed gamesboards, beads, and sounds allow for a customizable and novel experience as you rise through the ranks.

Learn the joy of simple, accessible turn-based gameplay wherever you go, earning an unexpected free turn, and capturing your opponent’s pieces to turn the tides.

- Play offline single and two player games
- Play online with the largest online Mancala community in the world.
- Earn coins and raise your rating by playing online
- Customize the experience with the multiple gameboards, sounds and dark mode

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Gangnam Bear
Gangnam Bear

Gangnam Bear

Big Head Games Ltd.

Arguably the most ground breaking and fun dance game on the App Store to date! Using Augmented Reality.

Control this lovable Bear in his first dance adventure, via the dance craze that’s taking over the world. Control his crazy moves in time to the music, to boost your score. Gain combos for skilfully timed changes and style points as you go.


- Killer Dance track.

- Beautifully animated Bear, pulling off all kinds of crazy dance moves.

- Two modes of play. Normal mode, and Augmented Reality mode.

- Amaze your friends as you can see this crazy Bear dance in any real world environment via your camera. In the pub, at home, even on the palm of your hand!

- Game Centre leaderboard. See if you can become the best in the world.

*** Please Note: Augmented Reality Mode is only available on devices with a built in camera.

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Kings of Pool
Kings of Pool

Kings of Pool

Uken Studios, Inc.


Exclusive to iOS 11, we've introduced an Augmented Reality Table in Full 3D that you can Experience with Friends totally FREE!


We’ve taken classic 8 ball and 9 ball pool and given them a modern and sophisticated upgrade. Every detail has been passionately debated and carefully designed to present you with a game that is simple to learn, addictive to play, and incredible to look at.


Face off against skilled 8 ball pool players from around the world. Win and gain access to exclusive high-stakes tables. Build up your cash and become the richest billiards player in the game.


Start a club with your most skilled friends. Fight your way to the top together, earn awesome prizes and become the KINGS OF POOL. Bragging rights guaranteed.


Be the best pool player. Gain ranks, show your skill, stay on top of the list!


Show your magic 8 ball pots with our trick shot engine.

Other Highlights:

FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER POOL - challenge billiards players online, always free, forever.

PLAY LIKE A PRO - our advanced physics engine gives you the precision you need to hit that perfect shot every time.

GLOBAL CHAT - chat up other players, gloat about your victories, or lay down some good ol’ fashioned smack talk after a heated game.

PROFILE - show off your pool stats along with custom cues, badges, and medals earned by pulling off tough shots.

Think you have what it takes to be King? The road to becoming an 8ball billiards billionaire starts now!

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AR Pool Master
AR Pool Master

AR Pool Master

Avdpro Pang

Stunning! The world first AR pool game!
* Thanks to iOS 11 and ARKit, pool games on device were never been so real and fun!
* Gaming in real space, physically moving around and aiming just like playing by a real billiard table!
* Play solo or with your friends face to face.
* When environment is limited, play games in 3D instead of AR.

Easy and fun! Enjoy pool any time & any where!
* Relaxing & addicting: 100+ offline casual games. Play any time even off-grid!
* Fun together: Game with players around the world anytime.
* Fair play: No in-app purchase to affect gaming! Absolute fair play!

Amazing high-quality 3D game play!
* Deliver real delicate graphics with fully anti-aliasing optimization.
* Original picture in picture system.
* Unique master aim view.
* Jump-shot mode only in this game!

Friends-chat game mode!
* Challenge your friends inside chat session. Time no longer limited, so you won’t miss phone call or message while playing!
* Play with multiple friends simultaneously.

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A Maze In Love

A Maze In Love

Gleb Platonov

What is love?

Isn’t it a maze of smiles, winks, carelessly spoken words, omissions and hints? A maze, where only feelings can pass through, not the logic?

Join the Boy in his journey to reach Girl’s heart, help him figure out the delicate matter of relationships to find his love.

- Gorgeous AR mode;
- 80+ completely diverse stages, that show the history of Boy’s and Girl’s relationship;
- Go to a movie theater, park, swim on boat or even reach the stars;
- Procedurally generated levels in endless mode to fill the time while you’re waiting for your date;
- Beautiful minimalist art-style that will melt your heart;
- Short sessions that can be played on the go;
- Various mechanics that will make your maze adventures fun and unforgettable;
- Collect unique postcards and share it with whom you love.

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