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The Best Board Games For iOS

Board games come in many varieties, and now you can have them all on your iOS device without worrying about losing pieces. There have been a lot of new ideas to give you many ways to play beyond simply chess, checkers, and monopoly. Some games fit so well in the digital space allowing you to drag objects across the screen, play with others online, and view the board game theme brought to life. Check out our highlighted board games across many different styles.

Heads Up!
Snakes & Ladders Online Prime
4 in a Row Classic Connect
Backgammon Plus!

Place Tiles To Win

Tile placement board games require you to contemplate where to put pieces on the board for your best advantage and to confound your opponent.

Play with friends!
Tsuro - The Game of the Path

Tsuro - The Game of the Path

Thunderbox Entertainment Inc.

The game of path.

Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but be careful. Other player's paths can lead you in the wrong direction.

Create a French city



Build cities, one tile at a time.

Your goal is to try to build cities with each tile that you place on the board. There are open fields, castle walls, roads, and more to place just right to maximize your score, and beat your opponent.

Choose your piece
Patchwork The Game

Patchwork The Game


Sew up some fun with this mobile version of the physical board game.

In Patchwork: The Game, each oddly shaped piece of fabric will cost you buttons and provide you moves on the timeline game board. Once you pick your piece, you can place it on your board wherever you like. Then tap the stitch icon to secure it in place. The winner of the game is the one who reaches the end of the timeline game board first. You can play with an opponent online, locally, or against the AI.

Strategically Conquer The Board

Strategy board games test your ability to use the board game rules for your best tactical advantage in every move you make. These games emphasize having your turn impact your opponent's turn and decision making, and vice versa.

Where will you go?
Ticket to Ride

The train is boarding, are you ready to win?

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Asmodee Digital

Ticket to Ride is based on the classic train board game. This mobile version offers online multiplayer with the game community and Pass and Play mode for up to four opponents. There is an online and offline Hall of Fame, maps with original artwork, and a turn-by-turn in-game tutorial. Claim...

Through the Ages

Build your civilization turn by turn.

Through the Ages

Through the Ages

Czech Games Edition

Civilization Revolution is a great turn based strategy game, and Through the Ages has similar concepts fashioned into a board game. You need to play cards at the right time to build your small tribe up with technological advancements, better governments, and grand wonders.

Deducing Great Board Games

Deduction board games are all about figuring out how everything should unfold. The Whodunnit mystery is a great example, but there are other variations in using each turn to uncover the given mystery.

Roll Or Spin And Move

Roll the dice or spin the spinner and move the corresponding number of spaces. The set up is familiar in games like Monopoly, but there are many variations based on the accessible idea.

The Game of Life

The board game classic comes to iOS with all new animations.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life

Marmalade Game Studio

Life moves quick, especially in the board game with major life progression scattered across the board. The iOS version introduces 3D graphics to depict the changing moments in your characters life as the game develops.


In Tokaido, the journey is more important than the destination.




Travel across the Japanese landscape, and try to collect as many memorable experiences as possible. The winner will find magnificent landscapes, amazing dishes, precious souvenirs, memorable temples, and more.

Party Games

There's nothing like playing games with others. These board games are made to be played with others in a fast paced set up.

Action Packed Board Games

Board games don't have to be turn based, and instead can be played in real time with a flurry. These games have each player jumping into the fun at once for crazy happenings on the board.

Marble Mixer for iPad
Marble Mixer for iPad

Shoot marbles head to head across various board set ups.

Marble Mixer for iPad

Marble Mixer for iPad


Marble Mixer includes three different game boards to shoot marbles on. Your marbles can collide with your opponent's marbles, and there are great physics. Have fun shooting towards point buckets, mouths, and more.

Up To 4 Players On One Device

Pong mixed with pinball




When you mix pong and pinball, you get Multiponk. All it takes is one finger to control your paddle. Give your ball smooth effects and thwart the traps to win the game. Multiponk features solo mode, where you try to beat the computer, as well as a multiplayer mode that...

Multiplayer partygame - for 1-4 players
King of Opera

Can you reign supreme as King of the Opera?

King of Opera

King of Opera

Tuokio Inc.

The opera is on, but the tenors all want to steal the spotlight. You and up to three other players each control a singer, trying to nudge and bump each other off the stage. When the fat lady drops into the action, though, who can steal the spotlight back and...

Board Games For Kids

Kids don't have to jump into board games with a ten page manual. There are classic introductory board games like Candy Land, Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, and more.

Snakes & Ladders Online Prime
Snakes & Ladders Online Prime

Snakes & Ladders Online Prime

Roksana Ferdous

Snakes & Ladders also known as "Chutes and Ladders" in the United states. It can be played by up to four players. Each player race their token from start to finish according to dice rolls along a path. A player's score decreases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Snake and a player's score increases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Ladder. Snakes & Ladders game is a bit like the dice based Ludo board game.

* Play against A.I
* 3D dice
* Play Online
* MultiPlayer - up to 4 players offline
* Play with nearby iOS devices
* 6 different Snakes and Ladders board
* In-App iPod Music Player

More features:
* Universal app for iPhone and iPad
* Simple User Interface
* Sound effects: dice roll, snake, etc
* Start a new Snakes & Ladders game anytime
* Load a saved board game
* Auto-saves a game
* Facebook & Twitter integration for sharing game information
* Game Center - Leaderboard & Achievement
* Snakes and Ladders board game rules for reference

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The Classics

Board games have become more complex lately, but they all started somewhere. Chess, checkers, mancala, backgammon, dominoes, and chinese checkers have withstood the test of time.

All In One Collection

You can download multiple apps, or an all in one alternative with multiple board games together in one.