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Candy Crush

If You Like Candy Crush, These Games are a Perfect Match

Do you love the matching action that Candy Crush offers, but could even go for something different? Then you should check out these other match-three puzzle games, as they are bound to keep you occupied for minutes or hours.

Swap Out Candy Crush

Candy Crush lets you swap candies to make matches. That style is present in many games, and here are a few direct alternatives to Candy Crush.

Match 3 candies to clear them
Candy Crush Soda Saga

Soda goes great with some Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga


Candy Crush Soda Saga is a sweet and tasty followup to the original Candy Crush Saga. You'll find more of the same match-three puzzle madness in Soda Saga, but with some new game mechanics thanks to the fizzy awesomeness of soda. Fulfill the level requirements, earn stars, and rack up...

Swap To Make Matches

Swap tiles to make matches in this unique puzzle game with colorful twists.



Fallen Tree Games Ltd

Swapperoo is a matching puzzle game where you select an arrow to move it in the direction it faces. Match the same color in a column or row and the tiles disappear from the board. The game has over 75 distinctive challenges that include tiles with move limits and those...

Spin and line them up
Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure

Slots meets match-three.

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure

Cascade Gem & Jewel Adventure

Big Fish Games, Inc

Cascade is unlike any other match-three puzzle game you've played before. This is because you spin for gems and send them cascading when they match up in groups of three or more. So it's a combination of luck and skill here to rack up those precious points. It's an innovative...

Complete level missions
Bejeweled Stars

Swap gems until you reach the stars in this fun take on a match-three classic.

Bejeweled Stars

Bejeweled Stars

Electronic Arts

With tons of levels to soar your way through in Bejeweled Stars, each one comes complete with its own mission. As per the other Bejeweled and match-three games, you will swipe to swap gems and make your matches. By making matches with SkyGems you will gather a nice collection that...


The classic match three style is combined with a building game.




As you complete the match three levels, you can unlock new rooms. Each room is begging for a makeover allowing building and matching to work together.

Classic match-three
Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic is the one-and-only.

Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic


Bejeweled Classic is the latest full version of Bejeweled and all of it's glorious match-three action. Enjoy multiple game modes that each have their own rules and challenges, and see how high of a score you can get.

Match Three In New Ways

There are other ways to make matches of three. You can connect lines, merge tiles, stack blocks, and more. All of these games are still match three, but go beyond swapping items to make matches.

Shift the lines
twofold inc.

twofold inc

webbfarbror AB

Create a path by unraveling tiles in this challenging puzzler.

In Twofold inc. you must meet the objectives displayed by shifting the lines of tiles. You will scroll through the lines to move them and create a path to clear the tiles. The game includes endless challenges and two game modes, Standard and Master.

Tons of levels
Cubis Creatures: Match 3 Games

Cubis Creatures

iwin, Inc.

Slide, stack, and crack colorful cubes in this addictive puzzler.

Cubis is a charming and bubbly match-three game that takes place in a 3-D, angled top-down perspective. Players will need to slide, stack, and crack through brightly colored cubes in order to meet stage objectives and move on to the next stage. Earning the coveted "Perfect" status on a level is much harder than you think — don't be fooled by the cute graphics! There are also plenty of power-up items that can boost you to victory in this awesome little frenetic puzzle game.

Domino drop tails mode
Domino Drop

Domino Drop

Vitalii Zlotskii

Make them drop.

This puzzle game will have you dropping dominoes while calming your soul.

Match resources
Triple Town - Fun & addictive puzzle matching game

Triple Town

Spry Fox, LLC

Triple Town is a matching puzzle game about building the greatest town there ever was.

Triple Town is a cute matching puzzle game where you must build the best town within the limits of the board. You'll match resources to craft resources, eventually leading up to actual buildings that the town consists of. However, you'll have to watch out for those pesky bears, as adorable as they are, they sure mean trouble for your town. How big can you get your town before the board fills up?

Plenty of replay value


Nico Prins

Strategically place seeds to make harvest matches later on.

Plant the seeds, and watch them grow with each turn that passes. Try to put plants together so that you can harvest big chunks to help clear the board for new seeds.



Skunk Studios, Inc.

Tap on groups of same colored blocks to clear them off the board.

Qbeez are cute little colored blocks that are dying to be grouped together. Tap on big groups to clear them off the board, and prepare for the cascade of blocks into new big groups.

Connect the Jellies



Catch those Jellies!

Help Bob the Fisherman recover his fingers from the wicked Jellies that have chewed them off in this matching game.

Discover Ruya's memories


Bending Spoons Apps IVS

Ruya is a fantastic gem of a puzzle game for those seeking a zen-like experience.

Ruya is an endearing puzzle game that provides you with an excellent escape from reality.

Play infinitely


Ian MacLarty

Remove all of the colored tiles by flipping tiles to make matches.

Dissembler is a brain teasing puzzle game about matching tiles to clear the board of various abstract designs.

Drag pieces to merge them
Imago - Transformative Puzzle Game

Imago - Transformative Puzzle Game


Merge blocks to make them evolve and achieve a high score.

Imago is a matching game of a different sort. Drag pieces of the same size, shape, or color through the grid to merge them. When your merged blocks get big, they will split into smaller ones again containing the score of the large piece. Your goal is to obtain the highest score possible in each of the four stages.