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puzzle games

Puzzle Games For Puzzle Lovers

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes and this list has something for everyone. From those with stunning graphics to others that challenge your solving skills, you cannot go wrong with these awesome puzzle games.


Threes! is a cute numerical puzzle game about threes

A little game...

For those that like thought provoking puzzle games.

Threes! is a little math puzzle game about matching numbers in multiples of three. While it sounds simple, it's a lot harder than it looks, and it will provide you with hours of entertainment as you try and best your score. The game is full of cute, minimalistic charm as each number tile has it's own appearance and personality, the music and sounds are fun, and it's rather challenging. You'll find yourself competing with your friends to see who can get the best score in the game.

Why we love it

Threes! is a fantastic puzzle game that is perfect for pick-up-and-play sessions while waiting around. The game concept is fresh and unique, yet challenging. It has brought about many clones in the App Store, but nothing comes close to the lovingly crafted beauty that is this game. It's a charming puzzle game that should not be missed and needs to be installed on every iOS device.

For those who...

  • Love puzzle games
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Want a game to enjoy throughout the day

Not for those who...

  • Don't like puzzle games
  • Don't like to think
  • Aren't number people
Triple Town - Fun & addictive puzzle matching game

Triple Town is a matching puzzle game about building the greatest town there ever was.

Triple Town - Fun & addictive puzzle matching game
Match resources

For those who want a charming blend of match three and city building.

The game is a match-three puzzler where the objective is to build the biggest and best town you can build with the resources that you have. While it sounds easy, there are the pesky but adorable bears that are out to get you, so watch out!

Why we love it

Triple Town is a cute puzzle game that makes you think before you match. It also shows that you can have adorable bears that are up to no good.

For those who...

  • Enjoy adorable animals and cute games
  • Like match-three puzzles

Not for those who...

  • Want something fast-paced
  • Want a hardcore game