Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos

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Available Now: App Store
Genre: Arcade
Platforms: Universal
Requirements: iOS 8.1+

Game Synopsis

Pulling inspiration from Gomander, the second boss of R-Type, Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos features a worm that comes out of a body in order to attack, and then retreats back into the body. Players control a ship that shoots normal bullets, and the goal is to attack the enemy worm. After each kill, the worm leaves behind a special weapon that players can collect to refill their weapon. These special bullets are necessary, as it becomes impossible to survive for long if you continue using normal rounds. AMASC does not feature an automatic lock-on, so the game is very challenging, but some in-game elements enhance this behavior, such as Repetea ships. The game has a fantastic sense of progression, though players will need to retrieve their resources after death.


Fast and vibrant gameplay

Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos aims to be the fastest score chaser on mobile devices.

Death weapons

There is a rich variety of weapons to choose from that bring depth and strategy to your battles.

Retro gaming on a whole new level

The game features classic gameplay formulas but with a modern and contemporary twist.


Screen Implosion

Screen Implosion is an independent developer and editor funded in 2015 in Berlin. Screen Implosion strives to produce classic arcade games with a contemporary twist and retro-evolved gameplay. Their first release, "Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos," will be out worldwide in March 2015 for iOS.